What We Had Planned for AAA 2020


We are disappointed that we won’t be able to see our customers face to face this year at AAA 2020, but we’d still like to tell you about some of the great new equipment our manufacturer partners are releasing and the show specials they are offering. 


Amplivox planned on bringing its brand new 270+ to the show.Sporting a stylish new design, this two-channel audiometer features automatic and manual air and bone testing, binaural speech testing, a variety of special tests, and much more. Also, it’s 10% off until 5/31/2020! Visit our site today to learn more or request a quote.


A demonstration of AudBase, A HIPAA-compliant audiometric software solution, was also going to be available on the show floor. AudBase improves clinic workflow and gives the audiologist the power to use their data more freely than ever before. Visit our product page to learn more!


The new ProbeGUIDEwas going to be available for demonstration as well. Using machine learning, ProbeGUIDE accurately predicts when the probe tube tip is within 5mm of the eardrum. It also lets you see the probe tube’s location in real-time as you insert it into your patient’s ear.


Our good friends from Eckel were planning on heading down to New Orleans for the show as well. Eckel Audiometric Rooms integrate superb acoustics and ergonomics to create an ideal testing environment for a range of clinical and research procedures. Learn more about their premier audiometric rooms, suites, and mini-booths today!


ETS-Lindgren was ready to show offthe latest developments and innovations in their sound booths. They were planning on bringing a complete audiometric test booth and a portable hearing screening booth to put on display. For more information on ETS-Lindgren's premier audiometric sound rooms, visit their website today!

Flex VRA

Have you ever seen a wireless VRA system before? How about one that combines toy, animal, and cartoon video stimulation into one package? Flex VRA was planning on bringing its innovative VRA system to AAA this year. To learn more, check out thevideo!



Per usual, GSI had some exciting equipment to show off this year. They were planning on bringing Novus and Corti, two handheld hearing screeners that are reliable, accurate, and easy to use. They were also going to loan some of their equipment to AAA's Aided Speech Recognition Booth. Additionally, they were going to show off some newest testing options now available with AudioStar Pro and TympStar Pro. To learn more about these new testing options, watch the video!



The biggest news from Interacoustics this year is the arrival of the new Affinity Compact, a hearing aid fitting system that allows you to only choose the modules and tests you need.They planned to have it on display, along with the new AD528 audiometer and Lyra OAE. Learn more about Affinity Compact by watching the video!



MAICO was planning on exhibiting some of their exciting equipment in person. They will be offering $200 off Ero•Scan, MA 42, MI 24, and MI 34 through 4/30/2020, so don’t miss your chance to savemoney if you’re in the market for a new instrument!


MedRxwas planning on stealing the show with some exciting new equipment, the most notable of which being their new VROA system. Unlike a traditional VRA, the VROA can have up to three monitors and only requires one practitioner to operate. They are also offering up to $1,000 off select products.


Otodynamics was going to bring its premier OAE and ABR devices to the show floor, including the new Otocheck LE. To learn more about this device, watch the video! Additionally, they are offering up to $1,000 off select products.


Vivosonic, a leader in the development of innovative technologies that enhance auditory evoked response detection, was ready to show off its latest and greatest product enhancements. Specifically, it was going to show off some new features of the Intergrity V500, an OAE and AEP system that provides superior response detection in a greater range of environments, clinical populations and patient states.

For those of you who were planning on heading to NOLA for AAA 2020, we’re saddened that we won’t be able to see you and hope that you decide to make the trip to Denver next year for AAA 2021. Just a reminder: We are still honoring specials that were created around AAA 2020. To see all the different offers you can take advantage of, download our promo sheet today!