What to Look for at AAA 2021


As you may already know, AAA 2021 will be entirely virtual this year. While it isn’t the same as experiencing the spectacle in person, it’s still worth checking out as many manufacturers have some exciting news, promotions, and product updates to share.

The show takes place on the days of April 14-16, 2021 and will offer educational content, networking activities, gamification, and expo hall connections. e3 Diagnostics will be exhibiting and we would love for you to stop by our virtual booth to hear about our audiology equipment, service, and supplies offerings. We’re also giving out some goodies, including vouchers for $250 off a calibration appointment and a lamp that looks like an eartip.

As for our manufacturer partners, read on to learn more about the exciting things they have in store!


Make sure you pay Amplivox a visit to learn more about their equipment offerings. They will be featuring more recent additions to their product catalogue, including the 270+ audiometer, Otowave 102-C tympanometer, and Otowave 302+ tympanometer. Additionally, they will be offering 10% off each, so be sure to ask about savings on their devices while you’re at the booth.


You won’t want to miss what Audioscan will be showing off at their virtual booth. The experience starts with a video welcoming you and detailing the exciting things Audioscan has coming in 2021. From there, you will be free to check out updated product materials, learn more about Audioscan’ssimulated real-ear measurements (S-REM), check out their new webinar concept, and much more! While you’re there, be sure to inquire about money you can save on a new Verifit2 by trading in a legacy Verifit or purchasing Oticon hearing aids.


As a manufacturer of high-quality, multi-configurable audiometric booths, ETS-Lindgren will have a virtual booth where they will show off their product offerings. Be sure to drop in and learn more about their premier sound rooms and how they can help you create a more optimal environment for testing patients.

Grason-Stadler, Inc. (GSI)

A worldwide leader in audiometric assessment instrumentation, GSI will have many exciting things to show you this year at AAA. From the new Audera Pro to the revolutionary GSI AMTAS, they will show you how their equipment can benefit your practice and your patients.

Additionally, GSI will have a fun, unique, and exciting virtual experience, showcasing their latest advancements in technology. Feel free to explore their virtual rooms, play games, win prizes, and chat with them live! For more info, visit https://www.grason-stadler.com/aaa.


Stop by Interacoustics’ virtual booths (yes, there are two!) to see the new Affinity Compact in action as well as other innovative technologies, including the TRV Chair, 3rd Generation VisualEyes, and Eclipse. Be sure to ask about their show specials, as they will provide many ways for you to save on their premier audiometric instruments. Some notable deals include a free VIOT video otoscope with purchase of Affinity Compact-Aud/REM/VSP and $600 off any version of the Titan tympanometer. You will even be able to save an additional $100 - $300 if you choose to receive a live event quote on select devices!


Always worth checking out is the MAICO booth, as they always have something new and exciting to share about their phenomenal products. This year, there will be a strong focus on their Pilot Test, touchTymp series, EROSCAN OAE, and MA 41 and MA 42 audiometers. Specifically, they will be showing off the newly redesigned MA 42 2-channel diagnostic audiometer. They are also offering $200 off each, so be sure to ask about these specials during your visit!


With the recent releases of MedRx Kiosk, MedRx VRA, and the new MedRx Video Otoscope, there will be much to see and learn about at MedRx’s virtual booth at AAA 2021. Additionally, they will be offering great deals on their premier audiology equipment. Some specials include $1,000 off the AVANT Arc audiometer, $500 off the AVANT REM Speech+, and $200 off the new Video Otoscope.


As a leader in OAE and ABR screening and diagnostic equipment, Otodynamics always has something exciting to show off at AAA. This year, they’ll be focusing on their innovative Otocheck LE device and offering special pricing on Echoport 292 and theirOtoport line. Specifically, they’ll be offering $250 off any Otoport and $500 off the Echoport 292, so be sure to ask while you’re there!


Last, but not least, is Vivosonic. Visit their virtual booth to learn more about the updates added to the Intergrity V500 G2. Also, be sure to ask about their show specials. They are offering a variety of opportunities for you to save on their clinical ABR and OAE equipment, such as saving $1,000 on Intergrity V500 G2 and saving $2,200 on Integrity V500 G2 with ASSR when you trade in a Bio-logic Navigator Pro.