MedRx Kiosk tele-audiology

The New MedRx Kiosk is Here!


Innovation is key to pushing healthcare forward. Each year, new technologies are released that improve the way people are screened and treated for debilitating health conditions. These advancements result in faster, more accurate testing that can help practitioners better develop treatment plans that result in more positive patient outcomes.

Released just recently, the MedRx Kiosk is a standalone hearing screening tablet designed for use in pharmacies, physician offices, assisted living facilities, and community events. Designed to allow the patient to test themselves, it frees you up to spend more time on counseling and other important duties. The entire process takes under 3 minutes and provides immediate customer hearing loss feedback.

Patient-Focused Hearing Screening

Fast hearing screening that qualifies leads in a standalone environment. Test takes less than 3 minutes in its entirety and provides the patient with immediate feedback on their level of hearing loss.

Cloud Based Results

Connects to the cloud for real-time results. See leads, hearing results and analytics through MedRx’s innovative HearingBI software.

Built for Lead Generation

Partner with physicians, optometrists, pharmacies, or other businesses to generate leads for your organization. Provide them with a MedRx Kiosk and have them refer patients to you based off their test results.

Perfect for Home Testing

Send LTE Tablets to your customers and view results in real time. Convenient testing option for patients who can’t easily leave their house.

Enterprise Ready

When linked to HearingBI, thousands of Kiosks can be supported, providing leads and analytics throughout your organization. This allows data to easily be shared across your entire company, regardless of how many locations there are.

Interested in MedRx Kiosk? Get in touch with your local e3 office today to learn more. We would be happy to provide you with all the information you need and schedule a consultation or demonstration.

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