Save on Vestibular Testing Equipment from Interacoustics


Here are some of the vestibular testing solutions you can save on: 

VisualEyes 525 VNG

  • Intuitive touchscreen user interface
  • Superior video playback for review and education
  • Situational camera to observe positional maneuvers


Aqua Stim Caloric Irrigator

  • 30° cold and 44° warm irrigations
  • LED illumination and start button in handle
  • Eliminates need for drain and faucet in exam room


Air Fx Caloric Irrigator

  • Otoscopic handle with illumination and magnification
  • Available in 110-130 V and 220-240 V configurations
  • Integrated water reservoir allows cool air irrigations down to 20°


Orion Rotary Chair

  • Includes a full test battery (sinusoidal pendular test, step rotation test, and more)
  • Reclines to 30° for caloric testing and 0° for positional tests
  • Space-saving design makes it easy to fit in your office


To learn more about this vestibular testing equipment and how you can save on it, get in touch with your local e3 office today! 


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