radioear-re-7 headband replacement guide

Replacing Your RadioEar RE-7 Headband: A Quick Guide


Do you need to replace your RadioEar RE-7 headband? Don't worry. It's a straightforward process that you can easily handle. Follow our step-by-step guide below or watch our helpful YouTube video.

Watch Now: How to Swap Your RadioEar RE-7 Headset Headband

radioear-re-7 replacement video


  1. Ensure you have the replacement headband ready before starting the process. Replacements are available for purchase directly from
  2. Look at the new headband. You'll notice small indentations on either side of the headband.
  3. Begin by placing one end of the headband onto the headphones aligning it with one of the indentations.
  4. Once one side is secure, gently slide the headband down towards the other end.
  5. Repeat the process for the other side of the headband. Start by aligning it with the indentation and then sliding it down to secure it.
  6. If you need to remove or replace the headband, focus on the bigger indentation. You can use a tool to twist and easily remove it.
  7. Once the headband is in place, give it a gentle tug to ensure its securely attached to the headphones.
  8. With the headband securely in place, you're all set! Enjoy your refreshed RE-7 headset and get back to your work with ease.

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