New Probe for Otodynamics’ Otoports/Otochecks


Announcing a new probe for our Otoport and Otocheck range of OAE and AABR instruments*. The XGD probe retains the best and trusted features of our standard probes but are much easier to maintain, more robust and more economical in use.

With the XGD probe there is no longer any need to remove the probe’s cover to replace the tiny coupler. The tip holder assembly simply unclips and can be replaced in seconds, bringing you savings in time and maintenance costs.


XGD probes take regular Otodynamics DP ear tips for recording DPOAE and TEOAE and have the same acoustic characteristics as current UGS and UGD probes, ensuring perfect continuity.

The XGD’s design has allowed more efficient manufacturing processes, meaning there is no increase in the probe’s cost. The cost of the XGD probe will be in line with the cost of the current UGS TEOAE probe. DPOAE users will actually see a reduction in probe replacement cost against current UGD probes. The XGD’s design also gives greater scope for local servicing and repair, extending probe life and bringing savings as replacement probes will rarely be needed.

And there is more to come. All XGD probes are programmable and with an upcoming software upgrade, Otoport ‘Advance’ and ‘DP Clinical’ users will be able extend their DPOAE frequency range to 12kHz.

Register your interest in the XGD probe with your local e3 dealer TODAY.

*Note. The XGS is compatible with all our color display Otoports and Otochecks. A one-time Otoport firmware upgrade is needed (included). XGD probes cannot be used on Echoports or on legacy products including ‘black and white’ display Otoports/Otochecks.

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