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New Podcast: Saving Money with Oticon


Did you know Oticon will give you a 24-month, interest-free loan for new audiology equipment? They also offer you the ability to completely pay off new audiometric devices through purchase of their hearing aids!

On this episdoe of Listen Up, David Chiaravalli, Regional Sales Manager at e3 MSR West, discusses the value of these promotions with Lydia Reilly AuD, CCC-A, Director of Sales Operations at Oticon, and Tammy Franklin, Account Supervisor at Oticon. Listen today to learn more about how you can save money with e3 and Oticon!


Key topics include:

  • Details of the 24-month, interest-free equipment loan and co-op programs
  • Customer success stories
  • Benefits for the customer

To take advantage of these promotional programs with Oticon, get in touch with your Oticon sales representative or your local e3 office. Request a consultation today!

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