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With an office located just a quarter mile from the beach in Oceanside, California, Ryan Woods and the e3 Audiometrics team take advantage of year-round blue skies and warm temperatures. Not does the favorable climate allow them to easily travel to and meet with customers, but it also enables them to get out and about in their community. 

“We eagerly lend our capabilities to clients who have set up functional booths at health fairs,” said Ryan, who has been with e3 Audiometrics for more than five years. “For Special Olympics, we brought in our audiology equipment to help the organizers test the hearing of event participants. It gives everyone an opportunity to collaborate together as a family, helping other families within our local population.”

That cohesiveness is evident throughout the workweek, as each member of the e3 Audiometrics offices advocates a team approach and a family feel to the way they service their customers. This family-team strategy was put to good use when a client wanted an audiometer replacement that would interface with Noah, but without the interaction limitations from her PC.

“Recommending the GSI AudioStar Pro was the easy part,” said Ryan. “Our bigger challenge was the installation and training, which included labeling each control panel button, routing her CD player and cloud-based lists for CAPD testing, and installing additional speakers into her monitor port. This allowed our client to better decipher the competing stimuli being presented to the patient. I would dare to say that she is pleased with her new system.”

Ryan Woods knows the value of combining product knowledge and technological expertise with thinking “outside the box”. So if you think e3 Audiometrics is just another average audiology equipment distributor, think again. They’re not afraid to take on any customer requests – big or small – and will go above and beyond to see them through. 

“We do whatever it takes to provide workable solutions to the dynamic challenges our customers face on a daily basis.”


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