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In the beautiful town of Beaverton, Oregon lies a distributor of audiology equipment that prides itself on versatility. From its product catalogue of over 160 products from the world’s most renowned manufacturers of audiometric instruments to its ability to repair and calibrate all audiology equipment, it offers a full-service solution that helps hearing professionals better treat their patients with the latest screening and diagnostic technologies.

And it is headed up by industry veteran and hearing/balance equipment expert, David Chiaravalli. Formerly a Product Manager at Bernafon and a Sr. Product Manager at Interacoustics, he leverages his vast expertise and years of experience to help hearing professionals across Oregon and Hawaii find the right audiology equipment for their unique needs.

Chiaravalli lives by the familiar idiom, “Variety is the spice of life”. Those who know him closely will tell you that he has a deep love for pao de queijo, a decadent Brazilian cheese bread, and that he has one of the most diverse tastes in music you’ll ever hear, ranging from alternative rock to underground rap. David’s versatility also translates to his professional life, where he is challenged to field a myriad of sales and service calls daily.

“I am inspired by my customers who come to work every day to diagnose and treat hearing loss,” said David. “That is basically how I got into the audiology field myself.”

While working for an assisted living organization, David would often take hearing-impaired adults to their audiology appointments. He was particularly moved by a relationship one particular gentleman had with his audiologist.

“It was truly inspiring to me and that’s when I decided to make a career change,” said David.

David has been part of the e3 MSR West team for one year. In addition to being a one-stop-shop for all audiology equipment sales and service needs, it is a close-knit group that goes out of its way to give back to its community.

“We help organize and sponsor our annual Oregon State Audiology meetings,” said David. “We also offer a series of AAA-accredited CEU seminars with topics ranging from ABR/vHIT to Hearing Aid Verification techniques.”

Recently, a functional neurologist contacted e3 MSR West with questions about how to more easily assess his patients’ vestibular systems. After setting up an appointment to demo the equipment and share positive reviews from peers, David and his team sold the EyeSeeCam and installed it in the neurologist’s office.  

“We learned that he (the functional neurologist) was unaware of the Interacoustics EyeSeeCam’s ability to assess all six SCCs by performing vHIT testing,” said David. “We were able to meet the challenge, improve our customer’s daily workflow, and build a closer relationship between the doctor and our team. And that’s what makes the variety of what we do and what we can accomplish so exciting.”  

e3 is in the business of helping people who help others, and David Chiaravalli shining example of that. If you’re a hearing professional in Oregon or Hawaii and are in need of new audiology equipment or service on your current device(s), get in touch today!

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