Industrial Audiometer Software Options


No matter what your professions is, it’s always advantageous to work with the best equipment, tools, and software. For occupational health and hearing professionals, the correct database management software can make a world of difference when conducting tests and analyzing data from industrial audiometers.

To help navigate these waters, we’ve put together a quick overview of two audiometry software options that you may want to consider using.

Benson Medical Solo Occupational DBMS

The Benson Medical Solo Occupational DBMS is a versatile industrial audiometer software system that allows any operator to efficiently manage and filter through their audiograms and datasets. It has all the tools you need to comply with regulations and allows you to search for subjects by name or SSN. The system allows for multiple users to access data and can produce reports in sixteen languages.

Inventis Maestro

Inventis’ Maestro industrial audiometer software allows you to manage data and your audiometric equipment with ease. Switch between several types of equipment without a snag, control your audiometer through the computer, and view your tests while they are in progress. A one-of-a-kind software option that can work with a single computer or through a networked environment.

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