How Depisteo Products Are Helping Evolve Occupational Health


As in any healthcare profession, medical screening and diagnostic equipment is vital to the success of an occupational health program. Using high-quality, reliable tools ensures test results are accurate, which helps occupational health professionals better determine whether a person can safely return to their work duties.Thus, creating a safer work environment for everyone.

Depisteo, one of our manufacturing partners, is a leading medical device manufacturer that specializes in the production of spirometers and vision screeners. Developed with the latest technologies, their products are helping push forward occupational health screening and treatment. Read on to learn more about how Depisteo’s vision screener and spirometer enhance patient care and positively impact the occupational health world.

Spirolyser Q13 Spirometer

Ideal for OSHA spirometry and SSA disability, Depisteo’sSpirolyser Q13 is a high-performance, single-use respiratory therapy device that measures lung capacity and airflow through breathing tests. It does not require calibration. It also never needs to be disinfectedbecause its Qflow sensor is never touched, thus preventing cross contamination. Most importantly, it’s compatible with virtually any EMR software package, which makes for a more user-friendly experience.

How it’s Changing the Occupational Health Industry

The Spirolyser Q13 makes it easier to track pulmonary function of employees. It helps identify breathing dysfunction early on, which increases the likelihood of preventing more serious illnesses caused by exposure to gasses or dust in the workplace. This device simplifies spirometry by offering measurements and assessments in a single medical device, interpretation assistance, tutorial videos, and disease management. Additionally, the advanced technological features of the Spirolyser Q13 make it easier to not only deliver quality preventative patient care, but also improve the quality of life of workers.

VT1 Vision Screener

Combining advanced optical and electrical technologies, the Depisteo VT1 vision screener is designed to perform visual acuity measurements and broad screenings for visual issues. It’s capable of measuring sharpness, glare, sensitivity, and astigmatism. Additionally, it offers a variety of great features, such as compatibility with most EMR systems, user-friendly software, customized test sequences, remote operation, and much more.

How it’s Changing the Occupational Health Industry

The VT1 is improving the way vision screenings are performed in the occupational health world. It boosts efficiency through speed, accuracy, and adaptability, thus saving valuable time. Additionally, it can be customized for the patient’s specific needs, whether they be nearsighted or farsighted. It is as flexible as a vision screener gets, catering to the needs of the practitioner and patient. Also, with the VisioClick add on, it can be turned into an automated device.

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