Happy 40th to e3 Med-Acoustics!


e3 Diagnostics is proud to celebrate the 40th anniversary of e3 Med-Acoustics this year. To observe this remarkable achievement, we’ve put together a brief history of the company and its rise to success. Here’s how it became the leading provider of audiology equipment sales and service in the Southeast!

The company began in 1978 when Greg Ollick, Sr. moved to Atlanta from New Jersey. Here he started marketing several lines of audiology equipment and providing calibration and repair services to hearing professionals throughout Georgia and Alabama. Initially, Greg operated a satellite office for Tele-Acoustics of Titusville, Florida, but in 1986, he purchased the business and changed the name to Med-Acoustics. 

In the 1970s and 80s, the audiology industry was very different than it is today. Much of the equipment commonly used today didn’t exist, and there was a dire need for innovation, especially in the areas of auditory evoked potential and vestibular testing. Greg, Sr. had a vision of what he believed an audiology instrumentation business should be, and the kind of expertise the local equipment users should have available to them.  

Greg was always a firm believer that a local distributor of audiology instrumentation should be the “go-to resource” for everything, including sales, installation, user training, user support, calibration and service. He leveraged his background in electronics engineering (BSEE), and his experience with audio systems, to provide an unprecedented level of expertise and support for audiologists and other hearing professionals in the Southeast.  

With its strong work ethic and an uncompromising dedication to the field of audiology equipment, Med-Acoustics soon became the local leader in the sales and service of the most popular brands of audiometric instrumentation, and still remains the leader to this day. The Med-Acoustics product line includes, but is not limited to:

As Med-Acoustics grew and expanded over the years, it always stayed true to a simple, but consistent, business philosophy:

"Sell the very best audiology equipment, do the best job you can, and if anything goes wrong, make it right." 

Med-Acoustics has always been fully committed to providing the exceptional products, training, user support, and service for which the company has earned an unparalleled reputation.

Today Med-Acoustics is a part of the e3 Diagnostics nationwide organization of audiology equipment distributors, and now goes by e3 Med-Acoustics. It currently has 12 employees and is still very much a “family business.” Greg, Sr.’s son Greg, Jr., his wife Jan, his brother Jim and his sister-in-law Marion are all with the company full time. It is their hard work and dedication to integrity and excellence that has helped make e3 Med-Acoustics the trusted name it is today. Greg Sr. says that it is these “family values” that will continue to help e3 Med-Acoustics retain its reputation as the “go-to resource” for the audiology community of the Southeast.

e3 Med-Acoustics is currently serving all of Georgia, Alabama and North Florida, as well as providing management and support for the Tele-Acoustics offices in Florida. Greg Ollick, Sr. has retired, but still acts as an applications consultant. His son, Greg Ollick, Jr., MBA, manages the entire operation of the company. As you can see, e3 Med-Acoustics is truly a part of what e3 is all about – Excellence, Expertise, Everyday. Here’s to a great 40 years, and many more to come!