Great Tips to Help Keep Hearing Aids Dry in the Summer


While we’re all generally excited about the beautiful weather, hot and humid conditions can bring additional challenges to hearing aid wearers in the summer months. As you know, electronic devices like hearing aids and water don’t mix well together. So what can be done to help protect their aids against moisture?

Here are some suggestions for things you can do to help avoid the headaches of offsite heaing aid repairs….

1. Educate your patients about the importance of keeping hearing aids dry.

- Remove before showering, bathing, and swimming.
- Securely store when directly exposed to wet weather/rain.
- Use hearing aid sleeves for additional protection from sweat.
- Do not store or charge hearing aids in high-humidity rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom.
- Recommend drying boxes or desiccants to your patients at the time of purchase.

2. Routinely clean and dry hearing aids during check-ups and service appointments.

e3Diagnostics offers the MedRx UltraVac+, which does everything a hearing aid provider needs to clean and dry hearing instruments.


The UltraVac+ includes 3 different elements: a drying chamber, vacuum wand, and pressure wand. When used together, these features are powerful enough to repair some hearing aids by removing obstructions and moisture from receiver tubes, microphone tubes, vents, and battery compartments. 

Drying Chamber – Displaces moisture trapped within the hearing instruments.
Simultaneously place two ITEs or one BTE with an earmold into the chamber.

Vacuum Wand – Removes ear wax and debris from receiver tubes, microphone tubes, vents and battery compartments of the hearing instruments.

Pressure Function – Clears obstructed Vacuum Wand Tips and removes debris from the receiver tubes, microphone tubes, vents and battery compartments of hearing instruments.


Remember, with the Oticon Business Support Services programs you can offset your investments in equipment like the MedRx through your hearing aid purchases. Contact your Oticon Account Manager to learn more at 800.526.3921 or reach out to your local e3 Diagnostics sales representative.