CEU resources

Good Resources for Attaining CEUs


Looking for places to earn CEUs? We’ve put together a short list of opportunities offered by e3 and our manufacturer partners. From online academies to webinars to live workshops, there are many opportunities you can tap into to continue your education. Read on to learn more about good resources you can leverage to attain CEUs.

Manufacturer E-Learning Portals

Most of our manufacturer partners have created amazing and comprehensive e-learning portals. Interacoustics has the incredible Interacoustics Academy where you can learn about various topics ranging from wideband tympanometerto ABR to balance and beyond. Likewise, GSI offers live and recorded educational content via their GSI Advance platform. They also rate each course as introductory, intermediate, or advanced to help you better ascertain which content is right for your experience level. 


There are many webinars that offer CEUs to those who attend. If you can’t attend the day they are conducted, most will be recorded and available for you to watch any time afterwards. In fact, we have a full list of Pre-recorded Webinars on our website that you can watch.Best of all, most of these offer CEUs if you pass the final exam with a high enough score. This allows you to continue education whenever you want from wherever you want.


Like webinars, workshops are a good opportunity to learn and earn CEUs. The difference between the two is that workshops are more hands on. For example, Audioscan holds regional webinars where they go over the features of their Verifit 2 hearing aid verification system. Real Verifit 2 units are brought to these workshops so attendees can use them firsthand while being instructed by an expert. It’s the most effective way to learn the system and, best of all, you get .65 CEU credits upon completion. There are many other organizations and entities that offer similar workshops, including the American Academy of Audiology, Interacoustics, and the American Institute of Balance

Participating in the above opportunities will help you further your education and earn CEU credits, so start expanding your knowledge today! If you have questions on any of the above, please reach out to your local e3 office for more information.

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