Eartip Shortage News & Alternatives


2021 was quite the year! In addition to continuing to navigate the twists and turns of life with the COVID pandemic, our industry also faced some unique chaos of its own. Living in a world with virtually NO EARTIPS!!!

Thank goodness the county’s eartip supply is continuing to rebound. Though it is much better than before, it may be a bit longer before we’re back to normal. In the meantime, we’ve worked closely with Sanibel Supply to come up with some creative alternative products to keep your office running smoothly.

Alternative Options at mye3shop for:

3M E-A-RLink

There is a new foam tip in town making a grand entrance in PINK! Introducing the New Sanibel Foam Tips, used for AUD/IMP/ABR testing. These foam tips are latex free, conform to medical device regulations and have identical testing results to the 3M E-A-RLink inserts, except at a lower price! Exclusively available at Mye3Shop in 100 packs and 750 packs.


Visit mye3shop.com now and save!

KR Series eartips

Mye3shop.com carries a 6 piece eartip adapter kit (Part # 8500580) for select legacy equipment that will allow you to convert your probe to utilize ADI series mushroom eartips instead. If you’ve recently upgraded your equipment, this is also an opportunity to condense your overall eartip assortment for your office. The video below demonstrates how to use this adapter.


IT Series eartips

Sanibel offers a line of ADI mushroom eartips which are compatible with the IT series eartips. These eartips are made of silicon and are used for impedance and ABR/OAE testing. if you’ve never tried Sanibel ADI mushroom eartips before, or are not sure which sizes will work best for your practice, you can find them on our website. We recommend that you go up a size from what you are used to in order to ensure optimal fit and seal.