e3 Diagnostics and AudSoft, Inc. Anounce Partnership


e3 Diagnostics, the nation’s leading provider of audiometric equipment sales and service, is thrilled to announce that it has partnered with AudSoft, Inc, the providers of AudBase Software. AudBase is a HIPAA-compliant audiometric software solution that allows audiologists to collect, store, share, query, print, and export their clinical audiometric data. Available since 2005 and currently used worldwide, it is compatible with most audiometric equipment.

"Our AudBase team is proud to partner with e3 Diagnostics to present a complete audiology package," said Brian King, the AudBase project manager at AudSoft, Inc. "We believe that when connections are made within the industry, the result is better products and support for the audiologist. Our reputation rests on highly satisfied customers of all sizes, and we are excited to continue that when we partner with the e3 team. Audiology has always been our focus and this partnership allows us to grow that passion to another level."

With thousands of satisfied end users worldwide, AudBase was created with the idea of allowing hearing health administrators and clinicians to “own” their data by making it available to them in a variety of formats. It allows the clinic to create a report of this critical data and have it electronically transferred to the EMR so the data can be used by the ENT or Otologist for their diagnosis and follow-up care.

Partnering with AudSoft, Inc. to promote AudBase has provided e3 Diagnostics a unique opportunity to help customers better manage data across multiple devices from different manufacturers. Now e3 customers are offered a complete end-to-end solution for testing, collecting, storing, and sharing their data.

“e3 Diagnostics is very excited to announce our new partnership with AudBase,” said Don Williams, president of e3 Diagnostics. “Together we provide more hearing health equipment and service solutions than anyone in the US – all delivered by highly tenured, uniquely responsive, local teams of experts. In today’s increasingly complex data-driven world, the AudBase data management system brings the necessary security, simplicity and control to our customers. We are very excited to add AudBase to our growing portfolio of product, service and data solutions.”

Additional advantages of AudBase:

  • Custom end-to-end solution for audiology developed based on the specific needs of the customer
  • Discrete/raw data transferred directly from audiometric equipment and resulted to feed Flow Sheets (Epic), Power Forms (Cerner), or other existing tables
  • Functions independently of NOAH for collecting audiograms from GSI, Interacoustics, Maico, and Otometrics equipment
  • HIPAA-compliant and has passed Department of Defense certification
  • Search and export data at any time, keying on any data element(s)
  • Passwords can be configured for use with LDAP
  • Role-based access permission levels (audiologist, student, technician, IT, etc)
  • Worklist customized to each audiologist to show only their patients for the day
  • Set required fields to be collected for any audiogram before it can be saved or resulted
  • Several standard reports available or option to create a completely customized audiogram
  • Available module for collecting cochlear implant information for purposes of tracking
  • Auto-classify patient into groups – by hearing loss severity, HA candidates, malingerers, etc.
  • Internal application mail and messaging system for system-wide alerts/updates
  • Reports available to print or result trending data

To learn more about AudBase or request a demonstration, speak with your local e3 Diagnostics representative today!

About e3 Diagnostics

e3 Diagnostics is the leading nationwide team of local audiologic equipment and service experts, many of which have been serving our customers for decades. Our experience, both local and nationwide, and extensive product offering allows us to set the standard for the highest level of expertise in our industry. We are a highly committed and responsive team, driven by our desire to apply our many years of experience and knowledge to assist you.

About AudSoft, Inc.

AudSoft, Inc. exclusively sells and supports AudBase, a HIPAA compliant audiometric software solution that truly improves clinic workflow and gives the Audiologist the power to use their data more than ever before. Its most recent focus has been the integration of AudBase reports with different Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems in the industry. Currently, it is one of the only audiometric software packages to offer customized HL7 interfacing capabilities. It also works seamlessly to push audiometric data to NOAH.