Data Management Capabilities of the Interacoustics Eclipse


As a hearing care professional, you are committed to providing an accurate, comprehensive testing and treatment process for every patient. A big part of being able to do so lies on the data you collect from each appointment. Fortunately, the Interacoustics Eclipse-EP25 offers you data management capabilities no other system can match.

Choose Between Two Data Management Systems

The Interacoustics Eclipse ASSR software module features the capability to store data directly to NOAH or OtoAccess™. Estimated threshold audiograms are saved to NOAH – much like traditional audiometric data. Simply launch the ASSR module from NOAH, perform your test, and save the estimated audiogram. This data can be conveniently accessed by any hearing-aid-fitting software, saving time and streamlining the hearing aid fitting process.

Alternatively, the easy-to-use OtoAccess™ database can be used to store many facets of audiologic data in one convenient location. As with NOAH, OtoAccess is HIPAA-compliant and can be configured to provide easy access from multiple work stations.

Audiometric Data Interface Streamlines Your Connection to EMR/EHR

Reducing the number of databases from multiple instruments increases office efficiency and streamlines reporting. The Eclipse EMR Solution saves reports/data in PDF format so that the content cannot be altered. This virtually eliminates the risk of error and saves paper and processing time. Additionally, the ‘Print Wizard’ tool allows easy creation of simple and concise reporting templates.  

Trade and Upgrade Today!

Are you using a Bio-logic Navigator® PRO in your practice? If so, this is THE time to make the move to Interacoustics Eclipse. Natus/Otometrics has announced they will cease production of the Navigator PRO at the end of 2018. As a result, parts for it will be harder to obtain, leaving you in a predicament if something breaks.

The good news is your local e3 office will accept your existing Navigator PRO (Bio-Logic Navigation Pro Diagnostics Evoked Potential System 2nd Generation Silver Box) and, in return, give you the Interacoustics ASSR software module free with purchase of the Eclipse EP25.

Get in touch with today to take advantage of this $6,145 value. Speak with your local e3 office and tell them you want to “Trade It and Upgrade It” NOW!