Chesapeake Occupational Health Solutions Joins e3


Recently, Chesapeake Occupational Health Solutions (COHS) joined forces with e3 Diagnostics. This merger was made with the intent to provide a more diverse customer service experience, allowing customers to benefit from access to a larger product line and the expanded knowledge base of a newly combined team of experts.

The COHS staff many have relied upon over the years remains unchanged. The primary goal is to help you provide the best occupational health services to your clients. Ken Lemin will continue providing excellent service to local customers via e3 Diagnostics’ team of expert technicians. Additionally, Kim Biro will still teach NIOSH courses and Diane Reich will maintain her role as Training Coordinator.

“For 21 years, I have grown COHS into a successful distributor in the occupational health industry,” said Stephanie Billing, President of Chesapeake Occupational Health Solutions. “I could not have done this without my loyal customers. Their support means everything. I am excited about the opportunities this merger will provide to my customers, and I welcome any new customers to the e3 Chesapeake Occupational Health team!”

As a result of this partnership, e3 Diagnostics has drastically expanded on its occupational health service offerings. Now the nationwide equipment distributor and service provider is able to calibrate and provide maintenance 3L syringes. They are also able to provide maintenance on AEDs and support the operation of fit testers. Additionally, they can now calibrate intoximeters (breath alcohol devices).

“e3 Diagnostics has proudly expanded our equipment portfolio and training solutions to answer the requests from new and existing clients who have intense focus on protecting America’s workforce through environmental health and safety practices,” said Nathan Dusek, Occupational Sales Specialist at e3 Diagnostics. “With the recent addition of Chesapeake Occupational Health Solutions to our group, we will be able to offer more expertise and excellence everyday throughout the United States.”

COHS’s location and contact information will remain unchanged – including cell phone numbers. More information will be provided as details are worked out, but in the meantime, please call 410-360-6120 or email info@cohs.biz if you have any questions.