Speedy Assistance for Hearing & Balance Center Upgrading


Below is a real story about how our team in Louisiana went above and beyond to assist a customer when they needed to update all their PCs to Windows 10.

The Customer:

Premier Hearing and Balance is hearing and balance clinic dedicated to providing top-quality patient care for those dealing with concerns like hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, and other issues.

  • Locations:2 locations: Mandeville, LA and Hammond, LA
  • Size: Six employees total (3 audiologists and 3 support staff)
  • Daily patient volume: 14 – 16 patients
  • Additional details: Clinic opened 7 years ago and has been working exclusively with e3 Med-Acoustics since

The Problem:

Premier Hearing and Balance recently faced the challengeof having to update alltheir PCs to Windows 10. To make the situation even more challenging, they needed to completely uninstall and reinstall their Madsen Astera audiometer.Their IT specialist was scheduled to come perform the update in 2 days, andthey needed their local audiology equipment expert to also be present to reinstall the audiometer and ensure all other equipment was properly working.

The Solution:

With 2-days' notice, Tony Cuartas, Regional Sales Manager of e3 Med-Acoustics, made himself available to be at Premier Hearing and Balance’s Hammond clinic during the Windows 10 update. While he was there, he not only reinstalled the Madsen Astera audiometer, but also updated its software to the latest version. He also saw the software on their Interacoustics Titan wasn’t up to date, so he updated it as well.Knowing the customer also owns an Interacoustics Equinox at their Mandeville clinic, he made sure to stop by the location the same week and drop off a software update.

The Takeaway:

e3 Med-Acoustics went above and beyond to assist Premier Hearing and Balance with their challenge. With only 2 days of notice, Tony was able to accommodate the customer’s needs and then some. He not only helped them with their more pressing challenge, but also was able to assist them with issues they weren’t aware of. It’s this responsiveness and expertise that separates e3 Med-Acoustics from other audiology equipment distributors. 

This was just one of many instances where Tony and the e3 Med-Acoustics team were able to quickly assist Premier Hearing and Balance when they were in need. In the past, Tony and NASED-certified Service Technician Kevin Catalanatto constructed an audiometric booth for them because all moving companies they contacted couldn’t do so in a reasonable time. Additionally, the customer praises Office Assistant Stephanie Mollere’s ability to always provide them with quotes right away. They know that if they contact Tony and the e3 Med-Acoustics team, they can expect a response the same day.

A Note From The Customer:

“We have undergone so many changes with our computer systems and Tony has taken the time (often when he doesn’t have any!) to address our issues with reinstalling equipment or doing troubleshooting issues that arose with reinstallation. In our field, if our equipment is down, we are down, so knowing that we have Tony to turn to has been a tremendous relief in this time of change. 

He is always eager to talk with me and troubleshoot for me anytime I call. It’s quite remarkable how quickly he responds, even if it’s with a quick text message to let me know he’s working on the solution. I’m never left wondering where we are in the process.  

He has even responded to my after-hours texts and ALWAYS follows up after something has been addressed to make sure we are on track. This customer service is what keeps us very happy. I recommend your service to anyone that is in need.” - Mary Miller, Ph.D, CCC-A | Audiologist/Owner | Premier Hearing and Balance | Hammond and Mandeville, LA