Responsive Service for a Private ENT Practice


Below is a real story about how our team in Louisiana helped an ENT quickly resolve their issues with responsive service. 

The Customer:

A private ENT clinic that operates in Southeastern Louisiana.

  • Locations: Baton Rouge, LA and Gonzales, LA
  • Size: 3 ENT specialists and 2 audiologists
  • Daily Patient Volume: Sees anywhere from 10 to 20 patients daily
  • Additional Details: Customer has been working with e3 Med-Acoustics for 10 years

The Problem:

The customer purchased a new GSI AudioStar Pro audiometer and a new GSI TympStar Pro tympanometer. They were having issues printing audiograms from directly from the software on the GSI AudioStar Pro. They also had an issue with how their GSI TympStar Pro was printing 1,000 Hz reports. 

The Solution:

The customer contacted Regional Sales Manager Tony Cuartas and expressed their concerns about the equipment. He responded the same day and was able to direct them to GSI personnel that would be able to help them with their issues. Instead of having to wait days for assistance, the customer was able to connect with an expert that could assist them ASAP.

The Takeaway:

Tony’s prompt response to the customer resulted in a quick resolution of their issues. Over the span of their 10-year relationship with Tony and e3 Med-Acoustics, they’ve come to expect this type of responsive, quality service. Anytime they have an issue, they know they can reach out to Tony and expect a response the same day. In the rare instance that Tony can’t resolve the issue himself, he will put them in touch with someone who can help.

A Note From The Customer:

“Tony has always adequately helped me with my problems. Every time I contact him, I get a fast response. If he doesn’t have the answers to my questions, he’ll always put me in touch with a manufacturer rep who can help.” Audiologist | Private ENT Clinic | Baton Rouge, LA and Gonzales, LA