Comprehensive Audiology Equipment for Neuro-Otology


Below is a real story about how our team in Louisiana helped a Neuro-Otology practice find a way to consolidate their testing needs to one comprehensive platform. 

The Customer:

The Ear & Balance Institute is a Neuro-Otology practice that provides comprehensive care for people with hearing loss, dizziness, and balance disorders. They strive to maintain a medical practice environment in which they can treat patients the way they’d like to be treated.

  • Location:1 site in Covington, LA
  • Size:2 physicians, 1 audiologist, and 4 support personnel
  • Daily patient volume: 15-20 patient visits per day
  • Additional details: Customer has been working with e3 Med-Acoustics for over 10 years

The Problem:

The Ear & Balance Institute was looking to replace their testing equipment. Not only were they looking for new instruments, they were also looking for a solution that could consolidate some of their testing needs to one platform.

The Solution:

Leveraging his expertise and e3 Med-Acoustics’ vast product catalogue, Regional Sales Manager Tony Cuartas presented The Ear & Balance Institute with the Interacoustics Eclipse, a modular platform that allows you to add software modules for testing as needed. This would allow The Ear & Balance Institute to perform ABR, OAE, and VEMP testing all on the same system, greatly reducing the amount of equipment they need to effectively test their patients.

The Takeaway:

While they are still in the middle of their equipment transition, The Ear & Balance Institute has been pleased with the exceptional knowledge and responsiveness of Tony Cuartas and the e3 Med-Acoustics team. They feel Tony has been instrumental in providing expertise on smoothing out bumps in the road regarding configuration of the Eclipse platform. As a practice that is highly reliant on testing, they are thankful for Tony’s remarkable ability to quickly respond and solve any issues they are experiencing through this transition.

This isn’t the first time The Ear & Balance Institute has been satisfied with the expertise and prompt service of e3 Med-Acoustics. Dr. Gerard Gianoli, a Neurotologist at the practice, is happy with his overall experience working with e3 Med-Acoustics over the past 10 years because “they always do what they are supposed to do.”

A Note From The Customer:

“In short, Tony Cuartas has been a God-send. He has helped my practice through transitions to multiple different testing devices and has been there when we needed him. As anyone who has transitioned to new technology in testing knows, there can be multiple “bumps” along the way. When other reps have faded in the background, Tony has come through every time. I’m so glad he is there when we need him!” - Gerard Gianoli, M.D. | Neurotologist |The Ear & Balance Institute | Covington, LA