Benefits of Otoaccess Worklist HL7

Benefits of OtoAccess Worklist HL7


In the modern age of healthcare, it is imperative to have a comprehensive, intuitive, and secure software system for managing patient care records. Requirements, such as the recent 21st Century Cures Act mandating open notes, have made it necessary for healthcare facilities to have a solution that makes it easy for them to seamlessly share data with patients, free of charge.

While there are many software solutions available, none are quite as comprehensive as OtoAccess Worklist HL7. A leading hearing healthcare database integration solution, OtoAccess Worklist HL7 provides an easy and secure way to store sensitive patient and test result information. It also integrates with your EMR system, allowing all data saved within it to seamlessly and securely transfer over automatically.

Here are some additional benefits of using OtoAccess Worklist HL7:

It Saves Time

In a fast-paced and busy clinical environment, saving a few minutes can make a huge difference. OtoAccess Worklist HL7 uses HL7 messaging to automate messages between it and your EMR system. This makes it so you no longer need to manually enter patient information into your database or export, print, or scan your test results, significantly reducing time spent on administrative tasks.

Additionally, OtoAccess Worklist HL7 makes it so your patients’ information shows directly in your worklist. Just select your patient, choose the test, and send results back to your EMR system in 5-10 minutes. In fact, a clinician seeing 12 patients daily will typically free up 1-2 hours every day with OtoAccess® Worklist HL7. This saved time can be better spent providing more care and counselling for your patients. 

It’s Brand Agnostic

OtoAccess Worklist HL7 is compatible with most major brands of audiology equipment. This means that you don’t have to replace all your equipment to use it. You can simply connect your devices to your OtoAccess environment and begin saving test data immediately. From audiometry and OAE to vHIT and VNG, you can connect nearly any kind of hearing and balance instrument to the software.

Once you have your devices connected to OtoAccess, they will appear within the interface in an organized fashion. From there, you can click on the instrument to pull up more details. Before you take the next step with OtoAccess, however, check in with your local e3 office to make sure it is compatible with your current equipment. Chances are it is, but it’s always wise to make certain.


It Keeps Data Secure

Data security is a major area of concern for healthcare facilities these days, which is why OtoAccess Worklist HL7 makes security a top priority. It is compliant with both HIPAA and FIPS, meaning that patient data is encrypted and automatically transferred between OtoAccess and your EMR system via a secure connection. Even in large-networked environments with several locations and thousands of devices, data can be safely and effectively transferred and accessed when needed.

It Has an Intuitive User Interface

Unlike many medical software systems, OtoAccess Worklist HL7 features a user-friendly interface that you can quickly and easily master. You won’t need extensive training on how to effectively use it. Navigation is simple, whether you’re trying to retrieve data, perform tests, or return data to your EMR system. The entire process takes minimal time and effort, allowing you to hit the ground running once it’s been installed.

OtoAccess Worklist HL7 is a helpful tool that you can leverage to save time and remain compliant with regulations that call for more affordable and open sharing of patient data. If you’re interested in learning more about this solution and if it’s right for you, get in touch with your local e3 office. We would love to provide more details or even schedule a demonstration of the software. Request a consultation today!  

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