Benefits of an Audiometric Software Package


Day after day, hearing care professionals see patient after patient in need of care. When dealing with so many patients every day, keeping their records organized is difficult without the right tools. That’s where audiometric software comes into play.

Over the past decade, several audiometric software options have emerged to help hearing care professionals better transfer and manage patient data. These solutions are designed to make it easier for clinics to save time and increase efficiency. However, hearing care professionals have gotten on for years without audiometric software, so why start using it now?

Here are some benefits of implementing an audiometric software package:

One Place for All Test Data

Audiometric software makes it easy to analyze and manage test data by keeping it all in one place. Instead of having to switch between your audiometer, tympanometer, and OAE device to review results, you can do it quicker and easier in one software package. Some platforms, such as the GSI Suite, even allow you to combine audiometric, tympanometric, and OAE test results into one report template for easier analysis.

In addition to saving you time, audiometric software allows you to do more with patient data. It allows you to easily collect, store, share, query, print, and export clinical reports. Some even have a print-to-doc feature that supports all image formats. Most software packages also allow you to save search parameters for future use to save time when recalling past tests. Data searching capabilities like this allow you to quickly identify patients being seen for specific problems so you can more easily implement follow-up.

Seamless Integration to Your EMR

Audiometric software packages integrate with most EMR and EHR systems, ensuring seamless transfer of patient records and test data. As a result, much time is saved that would have otherwise been spent transferring the data from the audiometric testing equipment to the EMR. For example, AudBase, an audiometric software package that is compatible with multiple brands of audiology equipment, offers customizable inbound and/or outbound EMR interfaces. The team at AudSoft will work directly with your IT and EMR personnel to help meet the strictest requirements of any project.

A custom interface is a solution that provides a streamlined workflow for your clinic. It requires no manual entry of patient data, no scanning, and no manual attachment of reports. With just the click of a button, an audiogram can be signed within minutes and become available to see within a patient’s medical record. Used in this manner, audiometric software solutions like AudBase reduce the time spent exchanging paperwork between departments. This real-time transmission of data saves time and money, but most importantly, it improves the quality of patient care.

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e3 offers multiple software packages. From Interacoustics’ OtoAccess to GSI Suite to AudBase (which is compatible with multiple brands), we have the software you need to better manage your audiometric data. To learn more about our audiometric software offerings, get in touch with your local e3 office today!

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