Are You Doing Everything You Can to Reduce Patient Falls?


According to the CDC, each year more than 3 million ER visits are related to falls. Over $50 billion is spent annually on falls, and roughly 75% of that expense is paid by Medicare and Medicaid.

What can you do to help prevent patient falls? Improve your ability to isolate and quantify sensory and motor impairments, the fundamental building blocks of balance, by utilizing Bertec’s CDP/IVR system.

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a CDP/IVR System:

5. Use age-based norms to better predict fall risk. Provide data to your patients to improve buy-in.

4. Clear data to allow clinicians to decide between rehabilitation versus compensatory planning, including the need for an AD.

3. Gain a competitive advantage over other hospitals/practices in your area.

2. Clear outcome measures - Great way to show patient’s their improvement or a way to know if your patients are adhering to their home program.

1. Bertec’s CDP/IVR provides excellent evidence-based data, and is the GOLD STANDARD measurement device for measuring Sensory inputs and motor outputs.

  • Help more patients
  • Grow your balance and vestibular caseload
  • Expand your opportunities to market to balance patients
  • More effectively isolate and quantify balance impairments
  • Improve patients’ ability to understand the nature of their impairment
  • Quantify patient improvements

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