All About Bluetooth Hearing Aids


Hearing aids give your patients the ability to lead as quality of a life as possible, allowing them to more easily partake in conversations, watch television, and be aware of environmental hazards. That’s all great, but when they come to you upset that they can’t listen to their earbuds while exercising, what is your response?

Until recently, there was no good solution to this dilemma. Now, however, you can introduce your patients to Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.

Have the Bluetooth talk with your patients

When consulting with a new patient or someone who may need a hearing aid upgrade, you should learn as much as you can about their lifestyle. Are they frequent users of an iOS or Android phone? Do they want to hear sound from a desktop or laptop computer without disturbing others? Are they physically active and enjoy listening to music while exercising? If any of these answers is “yes,” then discussing the benefits of Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids may be a good idea.

The possibilities are wireless

Without getting too technical, Bluetooth is a wireless communication platform that uses radio waves to transmit data. There are Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids designed to pair with smartphones, or connect to a streamer that can pair up with other devices like T.Vs, portable stereos, headphones, and more.

What’s in it for your patients?

When playing music from any external device, your patient can stream the audio signal to one or both hearing aids to meet their needs. If they have increased hearing loss in one ear over the other, the customization feature enables them to amplify and balance sound to their liking.

Another selling feature is the ability to use Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids with multiple audio sources at the same time. This makes it so a person can be connected to their mobile phone while they watch video on their tablet. If a call comes through, the streamer automatically pauses the audio from the tablet during and resumes where it left off after.

Streamers can also be used for volume control. The wearer can use a streamer to discreetly adjust the volume of their hearing aids without having to reach behind their ear and fumble around for tiny volume buttons.

More good news to pass along

Mixing and matching Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids to other external devices is an easy process that provides convenience and a higher quality of life for your patients. Make sure you tell your patients about them at their next appointment, or let them in on the exciting news via your webpage or personalized email!