7 Occupations that Can Benefit Most from Vision Screening


Most jobs require the ability to see well in order to perform them effectively. However, there are some careers where vision is of the utmost importance. These professions require near-perfect vision in order for them to be performed effectively. Because of this, regular vision screening is critical to ensuring the job gets done safely and correctly.

Here are 7 occupations that can benefit most from vision screening:  

Construction Workers

In addition to a strong, healthy body, construction workers also need great eyesight in order to demo, operate machinery, and build without any mishaps. Also, construction work exposes the eyes to injury from flying debris, dust, and dirt. Because of this, it’s wise to have workers screened to ensure they haven’t sustained any vision-damaging injuries on the job.


Like construction workers, it’s paramount that firefighters stay in great physical shape. It’s also equally important for them to have excellent vision. Having the ability to see well while navigating through smoke, flames, and darkness requires impeccable eyesight. Additionally, those aforementioned conditions could lead to strain on the eyes, which is why it’s important for firefighters to have their vision tested regularly.


Because their job requires them to act fast in emergency situations, police need to have good eyesight, especially when driving. In fact, the Australian Federal Police includes proof of visual acuity in their medical requirements. Also, considering firearms training is an essential part of their job, police officers must have great eyesight to ensure they can aim their weapons accurately in situations where use is necessary.


When you have to deal with the intricacies of the human body on a daily basis, having good vision is a must. Surgeons hold the health and, in extreme cases, the lives of their patients in their hands (literally). Being able to see and pinpoint where an incision needs to be made requires near-perfect eyesight as well as a steady hand. Poor vision could lead to poor patient outcomes, so vision screening is of the utmost importance for surgeons.

Air Traffic Controllers

Near vision is inexcusable for air traffic controllers because the slightest error from a distance can cause planes to crash. Directing flight traffic requires a great deal of spatial intelligence, which is why professional air traffic controllers must undergo a strict assessment to test their visual capabilities before receiving their license. Of course, vision can worsen with time and age, which is why regular vision screening in this field is critical.


Since they’re the ones actually flying the planes, pilots also must have incredible vision. From having to clearly see all the controls in the cockpit to safely navigating the airways, pilots need great vision to effectively do their jobs and ensure the safety of their passengers. Like air traffic controllers, they must pass strict vision screening in order to get their license and should get their vision screened regularly to ensure there hasn’t been any visual decline.

Truck Drivers

Hauling a fully loaded 18-wheeler across the country is no easy task. Many times, truck drivers are faced with driving through hazardous conditions, like blizzards, rainstorms, and fog. Also, they have to drive in the darkness of night, sometimes through extreme fatigue. Because of this, it is highly important for them to have great vision. Those beasts they’re driving can cause a lot of damage to other drivers on the road, so screening the vision of truck drivers regularly is key to ensuring safe roads.

Depisteo VT1 Vision Screener

Performing regular vision tests on employees requires having a quality vision screener. The Depisteo VT1 is a fast and accurate tool that screens for main visual problems in under five minutes. Additionally, it can be customized to meet your needs and seamlessly integrates with your current EMR software.

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