5 FAQs About the Depisteo VT1 Vision Screener Answered


The depisteo screener is a user-friendly vision screener capable of performing a variety of examinations, including depth perception, acuity, night vision, and much more. It connects with virtually any EMR software, making it easy for you to transfer test results to your current system.

Because it is new to the market, we get a lot of questions about the device and its many great features. To help you better understand the VT1 and its capabilities, we’ve decided to answer some questions we get asked most by potential customers.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about this device:

Q: Can I switch between the remote and the software to operate my machine?

A: Yes. The software offers more features and is faster to use, but you can switch between both modes freely and easily.

Q: I am used to using the remote control. What else can the software do?

A: The software can be customized to fit the need of each user. It allows for faster testing. On top of that, results are automatically saved on the computer and can also be printed. If you have and EMR, the VT1 can also be interfaced with it to automatically work with your database.

Q: Why is a screener better than a wall chart

A: First, a screener is a controlled environment. Each test is the same and meets the requirements for vision screening. A wall chart can be at the wrong distance or lightning might be off. A vision screener also offers a much wider range of tests.

Q: I don’t need all these tests. Do I have to use all of them?

A: No. You can set up the machine to only display the tests you need. If in the future you need to add or remove a test, you can change or create a new sequence of tests directly from the computer.

Q: Does it need to be calibrated

A: No calibration is needed. However, we do recommend sending it in for maintenance regularly at your discretion.

For more information on the Depisteo VT1 Vision Screener, get in touch with your local e3 office today. They’ll be happy to provide more details or set up an on-site demonstration.

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