3 helpful audiometric tools

3 Helpful and Innovative Audiometric Tools


In every profession, you need a proper set of tools to get the job done. An audiologist should have an arsenal of tools at their disposal that help them give their patients the best treatment imaginable. Here are three helpful and innovative tools any audiologist should consider adopting.

Hearing Screening Tablet

A hearing screening tablet isn’t a viable substitute for a complete audiometric testing system with a booth and audiometer, but it can be useful for allowing patients to screen themselves in the waiting room, community events, or big box stores. With a hearing screening tablet, a person can test themselves and uncover they have some degree of hearing loss. In addition to saving an audiologist valuable time, it can push people who were previously unaware of how serious their hearing loss is to seek proper treatment. On one end, it can be a great lead-generation and time-saving tool. On the other, it allows people to more easily and conveniently screen themselves and uncover issues.

Audiometric Software

Today, almost everything is stored digitally, including medical records. Audiometric software can change the way your clinic operates, giving you an option to store test data in a secure digital environment. HIPAA-compliant software such as AudBase allows you to store test data from different types of compatible equipment. For example, if you have a GSI audiometer and an Interacoustics tympanometer, test results from both can be stored and viewed in AudBase. Likewise, if you prefer to use the same brand across all types of equipment, GSI offers the GSI Suite software and Interacoustics offers its OtoAccess database. These solutions provide you with an easier and safer way to manage patient data, making your life easier and reducing stress.

Ear Wax Remover

While not as impressive as the aforementioned technological solutions, a basic ear wax remover can go a long way in helping you provide exceptional treatment for your patients. Cost-effective tools, such as the EarWay Pro Wax Removal Helix, can effectively extract wax in a simple and safe manner. For example, the EarWay Pro grabs around the ear wax and pulls it out comfortably, without causing the patient pain or risking damage. Of course, it should only be used in the hands of a trained professional. Nobody should try to use this on themselves at home.

These three tools can go a long way in helping you provide better treatment for your patients. If you have questions on any of the above, be sure to reach out to your local e3 office today!

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