MedRx Visual Reinforcement Audiometry

Visual Reinforcement Audiometry Reimagined


As one of the leading innovators in the field of audiology equipment, MedRx is breaking ground again with the release of its new VRA system. In fact, the manufacturer was recently presented with the Hearing Technology Innovator award by Hearing Health and Technology Matters for creating this new equipment. 

With technology from National Acoustics Laboratories (NAL) integrated within it, the MedRx VRA system enables you to use an iOS device as an audiometer and VRA controller. This allows the clinician to adjust level, frequency, presentation ear, presentation and visual rewarding from the MedRx iVRA iOS app.

What Makes the MedRx VRA so Innovative?

Simply put, the MedRx VRA allows a visual reinforcement audiometry test to be performed by one clinician. Traditional VRA systems require two professionals: A tester and an assistant in the booth. By allowing the test to only be performed by the tester, you’re freeing up the assistant so they can focus on other important tasks. Additionally, it gives the tester full and seamless control. Testing is as easy as preparing the MedRx audiometer, walking into the testing room, and using the iOS device to complete the rest.

The MedRx VRA iOS app allows you to do all the following:

  • Choose the ear you’re presenting to
  • Determine the level you want to present to the patient
  • Present tones and rewards
  • Display videos
  • And condition the child so they understand the task at hand

Additional Features

In addition to everything mentioned above, the MedRx VRA comes with automatic, manual, and conditioning modes. It’s also equippedwith a monitor that is available in virtually any size, with the option to make it wireless. There are 29 animated videos stocked by default, giving the practitioner plenty of variety in visual stimuli to choose from. Lastly, it is compatible with the MedRx Stealth, Arc, and A2D+ audiometers.

Want more information on this exciting and innovative VRA system? Get in touch with your local e3 office today! We’ll be happy to provide you with any information you need and even schedule a demonstration.

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