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The right equipment and a good database management solution can enhance occupational health and hearing professionals’ workflow.

Benson provides a complete range of devices and software to help you meet all exam regulations. This blog provides a quick summary of Benson Medical’s equipment portfolio.

Benson CCA100 mini

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If you are looking for an audiometer to conduct single tests, consider the CCA-100mini audiometer. This compact device allows full control of 1 to 2 audiometers through your computer. The CCA-100mini has a 300-audiogram memory and meets OSHA compliance standards. Other features include automatic instructions in 21 languages, accurate results with error detection, and test results in 3-6 minutes.

To perform up to 16 exams at once, use the CCA-200mini Audiometer and add 15 expansion audiometers. The CCA-200mini audiometer can store unlimited subjects and tests. It provides test instructions in over 20 languages and produces detailed full-page reports. This audiometer reduces test times by 25 to 40%.

OSHA 1910.95 requires you to calibrate your audiometer daily. Here are three products that ensure compliance.

Benson BAS-200 slm audiometer
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If you are testing without a sound booth, you must prove the testing location was within the legal limit for ambient noise. To do this, you need to monitor the background noise while testing using the BAS-200 slm. This device does two things: records the daily calibration check and compliance with OSHA noise regulations (29 CFR 1910.95).

The BAS-200 Bio-Acoustic Simulator performs daily calibration checks of CCA-200mini and CCA-100mini while in a sound booth. Benson Medical Instruments audiometer powers this device.

Use the CCF-200 Earplug Fit Tester for accurate measurements of any hearing protection. Apply a time-weighted average based on the work environment to ensure sufficient protection for safe job conduct. Use the tool to guide the safe rotation of employees in noisy environments.

Benson CCF 200
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The CCS-200 Spirometer delivers precise and repeatable spirograms for NIOSH-compliant programs. After testing, the disposable mouthpiece easily mounts in the handle and is removed with a button press.

The spirometer displays flow/volume and volume/time graphs, determines various indices, and performs automated calibration checks. It includes interpretation, predicted sets, and shares a database with Benson Medical audiometers.

Benson CCS-200 Spirometer 
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Benson offers three data management options based on your role and organizational requirements.

You can enhance any Benson device by adding a Benson Plus Package – which is essential for managing data across multiple companies. These packages enable networking through a SQL database for swift updates at all locations.

With a Benson device and Plus Package, you can share info and send data to popular EHS Platforms. These platforms include Cority, OHM, Pure Safety, and Enterprise Health. This allows you to do so safely and efficiently.

Consider SOLO-DBMS as the equipment-free version of the mentioned Plus Package. It enables professional supervisors to review clinic data at their workspace without using remote connections or workstations.

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Combine the best features in a secure, cloud-hosted solution, removing the need for servers and maintenance. Admins provide access based on user needs, allowing mobile clients to share time-sensitive information instantly. Professional Supervisors can log in to confirm STS (Significant Threshold Shifts) or determine work-related hearing loss.

Are you looking for advice on the best device for your needs? Reach out to your local e3 Diagnostics office.


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