e3 Diagnostics Modesto, is an amalgamation of three different companies that joined together in early 2013.

  • Electro Acoustic Company (EAC)
  • Health Care Instruments (HCI)
  • Sonic Medical Devices (SMD)

In addition to these three companies, selected personnel from the Southern California counterpart, e3 Audiometrics, were brought to Northern California to be a part of e3 Diagnostics Modesto.

As a leading distributor of audiology equipment in Northern California, e3 Diagnostics Modesto offers over 160 products from the world’s best manufacturers, and provides unsurpassed calibration and repair services on ALL audiological instruments. We take a consultative approach to helping your business, learning your specific needs so we can provide you with the best audiology equipment solutions.

Our relationships don’t end at the sale, as we have a staff of NASED-certified technicians whom ensure the long-term performance of your instruments. Get in touch with us today to learn more about capabilities!

e3 HCI Audiometrics

Founded by L. Glen Pew in 1952, Electro Acoustic Company (EAC) began as a part-time business calibrating and repairing audiometers, primarily in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. By the mid-1960s, it became a full-time endeavor. In 1974, the company expanded to include all of Northern California, Nevada and Utah, and represented Beltone, Zenith, Tracoustics and other equipment lines.


e3 HCI Audiometrics

On March 1, 2013, EAC was sold to what is now known as e3 Diagnostics.

Health Care Instruments (HCI) began in 1992 as MSR California (founded and operated by Roger Ott and Brian Hillabush). In 1999, Ron Macon (brother-in-law of Brian) and Merlyn Lubiens purchased MSR California from Roger and Brian, and changed its name to Health Care Instruments. In 2000, Ron Macon purchased Merlyn’s share of the company and assumed 100% ownership. Also in 2000, Dan Hatch joined the company as its CFO.

In the ensuing years, HCI specialized in higher-end equipment (ENG/VNG, Real Ear, OAE, and ABR) though it serviced and sold equipment to a full range of clientele – from screening to diagnostic to clinical. HCI excelled, in particular, as an exclusive manufacturer’s representative for Audioscan and Bio-logic. Ron Macon sold HCI to what is now known as e3 Diagnostics on January 31, 2013.

Duane Hillabush, began working in the field in 2007, first providing engineering and sound booth installations for MSR. At that time, his company was known as Sonic Acoustics. Duane even dabbled in building sound booths that he sold to MSR. Beginning in 2010, Duane provided booth installation and other services for Health Care Instruments. In 2010, Duane incorporated his business as Sonic Medical Devices. He began by distributing for Maico and Otodynamics, and later formed a relationship with Interacoustics. Duane sold Sonic Medical Devices to e3 Diagnostics on January 30, 2013.

e3 EMICO – Instrument Service & Calibration for Biomedical Equipment

Through e3 Emico, our service division for biomedical equipment, we can repair and calibrate centrifuges, defibrillators, electrocardiogram machines, sphygmomanometers, and much more! Our biomedical service technicians have years of experience working with all types of medical devices, and they’ll handle your requests with the utmost efficiency. Learn more about how we can help keep your biomedical equipment running like new and request service with us today!

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Your Local Experts

e3 Diagnostics Modesto is a leading distributor of audiology equipment in Northern California, and headed by Jim Armstrong. With years of combined experience, our experts provide unmatched consultation, calibration, and repair services. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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    Jim Armstrong

    Regional Sales Manager
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    Matt Brewer

    Sales Consultant
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    Michaelangelo Picart

    Sales Consultant
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    Kyle Latt

    Service Technician
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    Arbi Issabeigi

    Service Technician
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    Brandy Torres

    Service Technician
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    Blanca Hernandez

    Office Assistant
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