difference between audiometric sound rooms booths and suites

Differences Between Sound Rooms, Booths, and Suites


Background noise can and will distract the person being tested during a hearing examination. The only background noises that should be heard are what you administer during the various stages of the hearing test. Any other sound and noise out of your control is disruptive and can affect test results.

That’s why soundproofing is so important to ensuring accurate hearing test results. There are three types of soundproofed environments we offer at e3, and each is specialized for different environments and uses. Here are the differences between audiometric sound rooms, booths, and suites:

Audiometric Exam Booths

Audiometric exam booths, such as the Tremetrics AR940, are a great option for performing hearing tests in industrial settings, public schools, and mobile test vans. They are also optimal for speech audiometry. The exam booth can be locked in place for testing and then easily moved from one area to the next with the built-in, lockable swivel casters. Booths are typically compact in size, will pass through any standard 30-inch-wide doorframe, and are shipped preassembled and ready to plug into an outlet.

Audiometric Sound Rooms

Audiometric sound rooms are full-sized testing rooms used primarily by private practice audiologists, otolaryngologists, and hearing aid clinics. The CL Series Sound Rooms from Eckel are available in eight standard sizes and are constructed with 4-inch-thick, single-wall panels that provide maximum sound isolation and noise reduction from the walls, ceiling, and floor. The acoustic door, which features a continuous magnetic seal, has a noise-reduction rating similar to the walls. A standard, built-in jack panel accommodates all audiometers, making this sound room perfect for conducting a full range of diagnostics measurements.

Audiometric Suites

Primarily designed for clinical application in hospitals and universities, an audiometric suite is a combination of an exam room and a control room. It provides a high degree of isolation on both sides of the double-glazed, laminated safety glass for the audiologist and for the patient. A good example of this design is Acoustic Systems’ Audiometric Exam Suite (Models RS-140 [single wall] and RS-250 [double wall]). Either model can be customized to accommodate space requirements. Electrical service to the suite originates from a 20-foot grounded power cord. Comfortable surroundings are provided through recessed lighting and independent ventilation, which are included in both rooms of the suite.  

From the compact size and portability of a booth to the versatility of a room to the privacy and spaciousness of a suite, you have several options to meet your hearing testing needs. For more information on the advantages our sound rooms, booths, and suites, get in touch with your local e3 office today!


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