PlusoptiX Vision Screeners Praised by Medical Professionals


Our friends at PlusoptiX have made the news this week! In a recent article published in Healio, a digital medical news journal covering all fields of medicine, author David Brottman, MD, FAAP praised the manufacturer’s vision screeners for their ability to quickly produce high-quality referrals and, in turn, help vastly improve his practice’s care for children.

“Using the device with its well-validated criteria and settings, we can more easily obtain high-quality referrals,” Dr. Brottman says in the article. “Photoscreening takes less than a minute, and it requires less attention and cooperation from the child compared with traditional visual acuity screening.”

Dr. Brottman then praises the cost effectiveness of using PlusoptiX screeners to better identify children that need a more comprehensive eye examination. Additionally, he discusses how he and the ophthalmology department have been amazed by what they have uncovered using PlusoptiX vision screeners.

As an authorized distributor of these vision screening products, we don’t need any convincing on how amazing they are. However, it’s always nice to see real examples of how they have helped the medical community. Thanks for the kind words, Dr. Brottman. They’re much appreciated by us and the team over at PlusoptiX.

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