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3 Quick Daily Calibration Troubleshooting Tips


Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires a daily calibration check before audiometric testing of employees. You can complete this procedure with a reliable test subject or by using a machine like the Tremetrics Oscar 6.

The Oscar 6 substitutes for a reliable test subject and quickly generates an audiometer compliance check as a legal document. This procedure ensures that your audiometer is currently in calibration compliance with OSHA requirements. More importantly, it provides a "stable hearing threshold," ensuring that each hearing test you conduct yields consistent results every time.

The Oscar 6 accommodates all audiometric and standard earphones and is compatible with most audiometers in today's market.

When running your daily calibration check, you may occasionally encounter a "Daily Calibration Failure." This error is usually easy to identify and correct. When encountering this error, here are three quick troubleshooting tips to try.

  1. Check to make sure that the headset is placed on the box securely. The ear cups should securely fit onto the color-coded earphone couplers. You will get an error if they are not put onto the couplers securely. Adjust and rerun the daily calibration test.
  2. Inspect ear cushions to ensure they are not swollen, cracked, or "mushroom shaped." Ear cushions can become damaged over time, which can cause a poor fit onto the couplers. If any of these signs of damage are present, you may need new earphone cushions.

    To help maintain your earphones, never wipe them with a liquid disinfectant. You can use alcohol-free wipes which are safer than other commercial disinfectants, but ideally earphone covers are the best solution for hygiene and maintenance.

    An important note:
    a technician must re-calibrate your audiometer if you need to replace your earphone transducers.
  3. Check for loose cords on your headset. Lots of testing and movement will eventually cause cord connections to fail. You may have a problem with either the cord or the headset itself. Check out this 30-second video to learn more and avoid an unnecessary service call.



If your earphones break or need replacing, a technician must re-calibrate your audiometer.

We’re here to help! If you need assistance or would like to schedule a service appointment, please contact us.


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