Grason-Stadler TympStar Pro™

Sporting an intuitive and flexible design, the TympStar Pro from Grason-Stadler enables users to move through a complete range of middle ear testing.

This revolutionary GSI tympanometer lets you set pre-defined protocols, saving time and creating consistency in testing procedures.


Want to learn more about the TympStar? Visit the Grason-Stadler website for a full breakdown of the features and benefits, along with a variety of educational materials.

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New Testing Options with the TympStar Pro

Multi-Frequency Test

The addition of the Multi-Hz test to the TympStar Pro provides audiologists the tools needed to confidently identify resonance frequency of the middle ear system. This powerful test can be completed five times faster than its predecessor and takes as little as 13 seconds to complete. Multi-Hz offers the efficiency and accuracy needed to assess pathologies in the middle ear system.

Patulous ET Identification

The TympStar Pro now has a dedicated test type to identify a patulous Eustachian tube. The capability to store measurements from four test conditions and an adjustable time base makes the Patulous ET test a reliable, flexible, and customizable option to meet the need of every facility’s protocol.
Grason-stadler Tympstar Pro Video

The GSI TympStar Pro™ emphasizes the legacy of excellence in middle-ear evaluation

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Size: 16” [41 cm] W x 11” [28 cm] D x 14.5” [37 cm] H

Weight: 12 lb [5.5 kg]

Power Consumption: 60 Watts maximum

Test Types: Tympanometry, Acoustic Reflex Threshold, Reflex Decay, Eustachian Tube Function (Intact and Perforated)

Protocols: Diagnostic, Screening, Multi-component Tympanometry, Auto Sequence and User Defined

Display: Internal Color Touchscreen and optional eternal HDMI monitor

Interface: USB (keyboard, mouse, Flash Drive, PC communications)

Printout: External Deskjet printer

Probe Tone:

  • 226 Hz (85 dB SPL ± 1.5 dB) 678 Hz (72 dB SPL ± 1.5 dB) 1000 Hz (69 dB SPL ± 1.5 dB)
  • Accuracy: ± 1%
  • Harmonic Distortion: Less than 1%


  • Familiar Ergonomic Design
  • Intuitive Touch Screen
  • Probe Shoulder Box Controls
  • User Specific Test Protocols
  • Ease of Importing/ Exporting Data
  • Simultaneous Multicomponent Tympanometry