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When background noise needs to be eliminated to get accurate results, an audiometric testing booth is your best option. e3 Diagnostics offers a variety of audiometric sound booth options built with unrivaled quality from the world’s leading manufacturers. Browse our selection and discover soundproof room audiometry for your clinic or practice. Our audiometric booths offer a quiet space to administer hearing tests with ease.

We provide many static audiometric test rooms as well as mobile audiometric booth products to meet your patients' needs. Require multi-station booths? Want the flexibility to change between right-hand and left-hand arrangements? Desire a custom color? We can help with those requests, too. We work with only the best audiometric booth manufacturers to provide audiometric testing booths to meet your specifications.


Acoustic Systems Multi-Configurable Audiometric Test Booths

Comprised of interchangeable panels that allow for unprecedented customization and layout flexibility, Multi-Configurable Audiometric Test Booths from Acoustic Systems can be dismantled, relocated, and rearranged as different needs arise.


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  • Sealed 32” clear opening acoustic door with camlift hinges
  • Includes 20” x 60” window in door
  • Window, double glazed, laminated, safety glass, 24”w x 30”h
  • Recessed electrical service with 12’ grounded power connection
  • Jack panel with cable pass-thru
  • Incandescent lighting with wall-mounted switch
  • Acoustically engineered ventilation externally mounted on wall or roof