Grason-Stadler Corti™

A portable, battery-operated diagnostics and screening device for fast and accurate OAE measurements in patients of all ages.


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  • Fast, Accurate & Easy
    Single ear testing takes just 8 to 16 seconds, making it perfect for restless children. Patented noise management technology ensures accurate, efficient tests in noisy clinics. Equipped with single-button operation that simplifies training and wireless printing for ease of use.

    Flexible Protocols
    Easily switch between Corti’s screening, diagnostic, or custom protocols to meet diverse clinic needs.

  • No Probe Cleaning Necessary
    The Corti is always ready for testing with its innovative ear tip tubes that require no cleaning.

    Meets Reimbursement

    Distortion Product Protocols meet current US CPT code reimbursement requirements.

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Visit the Grason-Stadler website for a full breakdown of the features and benefits, along with a variety of educational materials.

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The GSI Corti™ is a portable, battery-operated diagnostic and screening instrument

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Specifications Measurement Types

Screening and Diagnostic Testing

  • DPOAE: 1.5 to 12 kHz, 40 to 70 dB SPL
  • TEOAE: 0.7 to 4 kHz, 83 dB pe SPL


  • Multiple Diagnostic and Screening Configurations
  • Sharp, intuitive color screen display
  • Reliable 15 hour battery life
    Powerful DPOAE testing with 12 frequencies, up to 12 kHz
  • Full color reporting and optional, fast thermal printouts
  • OAE Probe that never requires cleaning
  • Charging and data transfer via the optional Cradle
  • Convenient testing for patients with PE tubes
  • Optional data storage of up to 250 tests
  • Protected data via non-volatile memory
  • Low cost, disposable ear tips
  • Export options for Pass/Refer results to OZ eSP™ and HiTrack™
  • Meets screening and diagnostic CPT code reimbursement requirements
  • Multiple, easily selected language options
  • Handy 12-month Corti calibration reminder