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Ready to purchase a screening audiometer, diagnostic audiometer or portable audiometer? e3 Diagnostics stands ready to meet your needs with responsive, unparalleled service. Our goal is to make it easier for you to do what you do best: care for patients using high-quality audiology equipment backed by superior service. 

We offer audiometers of all sizes and functionalities – from desktop audiometers that perform air, bone, and speech measurements to portable audiometers for on-the-go audiologists. Take a look at our wide variety of audiometers for sale and find the right one for you today!


MedRx Booth Setup

This option features an easy to set-up Telehealth system using your existing booth. Mix & match MedRx products.

  • Hearing Screened in Minutes
  • Review Test Results Remotely
  • Perform Telehealth out of the box
  • All in one kit – mix & match products
  • Easy to use and easy to setup
  • Mobile / Flexible
  • Standout from other clinics
  • Instant access to satellite clinics
  • YHN Telehealth Compatible



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