Upgrade to Audioscan Verifit 2 Today!

For a limited time, we’re offering $1,000 off the Audioscan Verifit 2 when you trade in your Audioscan Verifit. Read on to learn more about the advantages of Verifit 2!

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Advantages of Verifit 2

  • ProbeGUIDE ™ precision probe placement tool
  • EMR-compatible print to PDF functionality
  • SII target ranges
  • Wideband verification (REM & test box)
  • Binural sound field assist
  • Automated sequenced Speechmap testing
  • And many more

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Get Precision Probe Tube Placement with ProbeGUIDE ™

Only available for Verifit 2, ProbeGUIDE ™ allows you to continuously see the probe tube’s location in real time as you insert it into your patient’s ear.

Features and Benefits

• Uses machine learning to accurately predict when probe tube tip is within 5mm of the eardrum

• Allows you to insert the probe tube while avoiding the eardrum to minimize patient discomfort

• Sound-resistant design allows you to converse with your patient during probe placement

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Auto-REM fit-to-target with VerifitLINK

Available for Verifit 2, VerifitLINK automatically provides a fit to target that is not significantly different than a fitting completed by an experienced audiologist!

Benefits of Auto-REM Fit-to-Target with Verifit 2

• Binaural measurements on the ear, in the test box, and via clinician monitoring headphones

• Reduces fitting time without sacrificing accuracy

• Identifies hearing instrument issues faster

• Ensures hearing aid features function as claimed and are set appropriately

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