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To help you perform accurate hearing tests on child patients, e3 Diagnostics offers multiple visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA) and conditioned orientation response (COR) systems.

When kids are too young to participate in conventional hearing tests, a VRA audiology system can help. Using LED lights, motion, and sounds, a VRA hearing test draws the child's attention, helping you get a better picture of their ability to hear. Using a COR system or VRA system, audiologists get the child's attention using toys, animated images, light sequences, or noises.

VRA Pro 1.0

VRA Pro 1.0

Our VRA Pro System was designed with the audiologist and the installer in mind.

Our Bluetooth remote allows for a secure connection, once paired with the remote, it will not get frequency overlap or interference (like in other RF systems) or require other sensors placed around the audiometric booth (like in IR system).

Our innovative space saving design sits nearly 3” deeper into the corner than similarly sized rectangular shaped 3D toy VRA systems. When space is at a minimum in a audiometric booth, ours takes up less!

Our system can be installed with 4 screws, plugging into the nearest outlet and running one (supplied) RCA cable to the centering toy. It does not require any interconnecting cables between the two side reinforcers.

Our Dual System VRA Pro 1.0 is a complete Visual Reinforcement System. It includes:

  • 2 side reinforcing boxes (characters randomly selected)
  • 1 centering toy/mid-line distracting toy (duck or fish)
  • Wireless Remote
  • 2 power supplies with 2 power extensions    
  • 25' RCA cable for centering toy
  • Installation Kit (sheet metal screws, zip ties, adhesive tabs)



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  • Bluetooth Wireless Remote
  • Spacing Saving Design
  • Quad System Expandable
  • Ultra Bright LEDs
  • Easy Pairing with Remote
  • Centering Box/Mid-Line Distractor Toy Included
  • Easy Installation
  • No Interconnecting Cables (between side reinforcers)
  • No Need for Additional Install Kits or Brackets
  • No Need for Additional Sensors
  • No Frequency Overlap on Adjacent Systems