Gordon Stowe SP10C

Space-saving, attractive, and efficient, the Gordon Stowe SP10C is a VRA system that features a 10-watt internal power amplifier, high-decibel performance, and a light-up toy that swivels to keep the patient distracted during testing.

Made with hardwood, commercial carpet, and plexiglass, this VRA system delivers a high-efficiency flat response, features low distortion levels, and meets ANSI specifications.


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  • 100 dB HTL Speech Level (112.5 dB SPL @ 45 degree azimuth) @ 1 meter in a 6' x 6' sound room when driven by an audiometer with 10 watt internal amplifier plus an external 100 watt boost amplifier.
  • Audiometers without an internal 10 watt amplifier may be limited to 95 dB HTL with the 100 watt boost amplifier and may require an added impedance matching network.
  • Optional: Built-in VRA.
  • Sound rooms larger than 6' x 6' may result in a lower maximum output.


  • Finish: Solid medium Oak wood cabinet top and bottom; satin finish. Commercial carpet, Charcoal color
  • Dimensions: 25.5”H x 14.25”W x 8”D, Triangular corner mounting; mounting brackets preattached
  • Weight: 24.5 lbs net. Shipping 61 lbs/pair; supplied with cable and wire clamps