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Need balance assessment equipment? e3 Diagnostics carries forward-looking products from the world's leading manufacturers of vestibular balance test solutions, Micromedical by Interacoustics and Bertec. With same-day service in many locations, e3 Diagnostics stands ready to provide high-quality balance assessment equipment for your ENT practice, audiology clinic or rehab facility.

Whether you're looking for a balance testing machine for athletes or a vestibular function test that assesses the vestibular ocular reflex, e3 Diagnostics is the nation's preferred provider of reliable sales and service solutions.


Micromedical Technologies VisualEyes Spectrum

Used for observing, recording and playback of ocular movements, the Micromedical VisualEyes Spectrum VNG can be operated via computer or RF remote to give you freedom to be next to the patient during testing.

With the click of a button, two eye images can be located and centered for optimized tracking. It’s an ideal tool for identifying abnormalities in the vestibular system.


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  • High speed binocular goggles to record horizontal and vertical eye movement waveforms at 100Hz (eye position samples per second).
  • LCD TV or projector for the ocularmotor stimulus and to display large eyes on TV screen during nystagmus tests
  • Four button RF Remote to start and stop recording, turn on fixation light and center both eyes on computer screen
  • EyeMax™ TV screen to display large eye images for ease of testing and patient review
  • Integrated audio to record voice annotation with EyeMax video


VNG can objectively record and measure abnormal eye movements associated with peripheral vestibular loss, acoustic neuroma, traumatic brain injury (TBI), Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), vestibular neuronitis, Internuclear Opthalmoplegia (INO) and many other peripheral vestibular and central neurological disorders.

The VisualEyes™ binocular video goggles were designed for enhanced patient comfort and simplified use. For example, with just one click in our Spectrum software, the left and right eye images are visibly centered with no mechanical adjustment of the cameras. The VisualEyes™ VNG is operated using a simple RF remote, providing the examiner freedom to be near the patient rather than at the computer keyboard.