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Looking for a hearing screening and diagnostic instrument to measure OAE in patients of all ages? We have plenty! Browse our selection of fast, intuitive, and reliable OAE equipment. With over 20 devices from seven manufacturers, you’re bound to find something that suits your testing needs.


Natus | Bio-logic AuDX Pro II

A small, rechargeable, and handheld OAE hearing screening device, the Bio-Logic AuDX Pro II from Natus enables you to test a greater range of patients – from newborns to adults.

Upgrades include Scout Link, which allows downloading of data into a reader version of Scout PC app for review and printing. The AuDX Pro II stores up to 100 tests and offers test protocol programmability.


This device is no longer available. Below are some similar options currently available. 

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  • Large color display – enhanced operation & data viewing
  • Easy to navigate between OAE type and protocols
  • Easy to clean ear probe
  • Fast, accurate results – as fast as 10 seconds per ear
  • Adult Screening Protocol* – avoids over-referral issues associated with pediatric protocols
  • Objective test – no patient response required
  • Pass/Refer result provided – no interpretation required
  • Label printer – results documented in seconds
  • Operates on rechargeable lithium battery or AC Power – no downtime during recharge