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Devices for hearing professionals who heavily rely on ABR/ASSR to assess the peripheral auditory system and estimate hearing thresholds of infants and young children.


Natus | Bio-logic Navigator Pro MASTER II

The Navigator Pro Multiple Auditory Steady-State Evoked Response System II (MASTER) is an innovative technology that efficiently facilitates frequency-specific auditory threshold information.

With new and improved software, users benefit from an updated interface, two-channel option, expanded automated data collection stopping rules, and enhanced patient reports.


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  • Patented ASSR technology that obtains objective frequencyspecific auditory threshold information
  • Simultaneous testing of up to 4 frequencies per ear2
  • View real-time EEG and the response spectrum
  • Easy monitoring of on going test results – tables and graphs on the collection screen clearly display the response amplitude and noise floor
  • Printing of physiological audiogram with air conduction, bone conduction and soundfield data on the same audiogram
  • User-defined stopping rules to automatically halt collection for individual frequencies based on the number of sweeps, noise levels, and/or statistical criterion (p-value) as well as the ability to stop individual frequency collections manually
  • Choice of montage using Cz to Nape or Cz to Mastoids
  • Masking is available for bone conduction or unilateral hearing loss3
  • Option for higher stimulus intensities (up to 119 dBHL) than available with standard AEP for threshold estimation in children and adults with profound hearing loss