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Devices for hearing professionals who heavily rely on ABR/ASSR to assess the peripheral auditory system and estimate hearing thresholds of infants and young children.


Natus | Bio-logic Navigator Pro

Delivering full AEP functionality, the Bio-Logic Navigator Pro is designed to meet the growing needs of clinics today and into the future.

Offering a slew of diagnostic testing capabilities, including EABR, tone-burst ABR, MLR, ALR, and P300, the Naviagor Pro provides the complete ABR package in one small, lightweight device.


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The Bio-logic Navigator Pro diagnostic ABR system is the most complete product on the market that offers full AEP functionality in a Windows®-based system.

  • Portable, lightweight & convenient for use in variable settings
  • Display unlimited waveforms on a single or split screen
  • Analyze, mark & compare waveforms during collections
  • Monitor the patient’s state with a continuous EEG display
  • Easily customize test protocols & reports