A Closer Look at Benson Medical Instruments


It’s always advantageous to work with the best equipment, tools, and software. For occupational health and hearing professionals, the right equipment paired with a great database management solution can make a world of difference.

Benson offers several devices and software options to make sure you’re conducting examinations that comply with all regulatory requirements.

Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer...


Industrial Audiometry

You may need an audiometer to simply run a single hearing test at a time. The CCA-100mini Audiometer is a great option for this, or two examinations simultaneously when you add an expansion audiometer. Testing abilities and storage limitations cap out at 300 tests and a more limited functionality with the CCA-100mini Audiometer. Implement the CCA-200mini Audiometer to increase functionality and your ability to conduct up to 16 concurrent exams from a single PC by adding up to 15 expansion audiometers.

If you have a sound room, the BAS-200 Bio-Acoustic Simulator performs dependable daily calibration checks of the CCA-200 mini and CCA-100 mini, as required by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.95. Another option is to incorporate live noise monitoring for additional accuracy of results with the BAS-200slm or to us a sound booth, like Acoustic Systems Mini Sound Booth.


Database Management Systems

Benson has 3 different ways to manage your data depending on your role and what your organization needs

  1. Benson Plus Packages
    Unlock the magic of any Benson device by adding a Benson Plus Package. It’s a must-have for data management across multiple companies. Benson Plus Packages also provide the power of networking via a SQL database to allow for instant updates of information for of all clinic or worksite locations. Additional reports, features, and customizations become available to increase workflow when incorporating the Plus Package. When connected to a Benson device their Plus Package provides the power to exchange demographic information and transmit data safely, securely and efficiently into multiple popular EHS Platforms such as Cority, OHM, Pure Safety, and Enterprise Health.
    Think of the SOLO–DBMS (Database Management System) as the above-mentioned Plus Package without the equipment. In clinics, SOLO allows for review of data from the Professional Supervisor at their independent workspace without them needing to remote-in or tie up the workstation. For the mobile client, SOLO was designed to keep time-sensitive reporting and data management moving behind the scenes while data is still being collected over the road by mobile unit operators. Flexible enough to tie into the server for automatic sharing of information or basic enough to utilize tools to move information across PCs for review.

  3. Benson Cloud Services
    Roll the best of all worlds into a secure, cloud-hosted solution, and bypass the need for servers and maintenance. Admins allow for access to information across varying profiles dependent upon user needs. Mobile clients are now able to get their time-sensitive information to their customers instantaneously. Professional Supervisors can login to conduct confirmation of an STS or confirm whether a hearing loss is work-related.


Earplug Fit Testing

Incorporate the CCF-200 Earplug Fit Tester to ensure a proper measurement of any hearing protection on the market. Apply a time weighted average for any employee based on their work environment to ensure the protection chosen is enough to safely conduct their job. Take it to another level by using this tool to understand how to safely rotate employees through a hazardous noisy environment.



After leading the market in Hearing Conservation for multiple decades, Benson introduced the CCS-200 Spirometer. It’s the only spirometer specifically designed for occupational health and works with a ABV filter to keep you and your employees safe. It meets NIOSH requirements and is compliant for CWHSP. Included database software provides instant recall of past spirograms for reporting and trend analysis. Or, save time entering demographic info across platforms by utilizing your existing Benson database management system


To learn more about Benson Medical Instruments and if the product line is available in your area, please reach out to your local e3 Diagnostics office.